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Bikini Competition Preparation. Why ‘Train Like a Diva’?

When it comes to Figure and Bikini competition prep, most fit women are confused about where to start, what competition diet to follow and how to train to be stage ready. TRAIN LIKE A DIVA Elite Competitor Coaching by TeriFit helps fit women prepare for the competition stage with a proven and customized system.

I understand what it feels like. I’ve asked the same questions: Am I fit enough to compete? Should I try figure or bikini? What diet should I follow? Do I need to do fasted cardio? What’s peak week all about? Where do I get my bikini? and on and on…so many questions! With 16 competitions under my belt, 22 wins and two pro cards, I have helped women of all ages, teen to masters, all body types and different backgrounds, compete and win. And, I’m excited to help you, too! Train Like a Diva Elite Competitor Coaching is a complete and easy to follow system. Once you join the team, you will receive a login to the training app. and a questionnaire so that I can get to know you better. Together, we will define your show path based on your goals. Next, you will follow your custom plan that includes training programs that are updated monthly. Everything is set up for you including sets, reps, rests, cardio…everything! All you have to do is follow the plan. Your macros will be there, too, so you know you will be on track with your competition diet. Every week, you will have the opportunity to ask me questions in the private Train Like a Diva Elite Competitor Facebook group. Here, you will also get to meet your Diva Sisters who, just like you, will be competing in their first or next show. We have an international team of women at all levels of their fitness competition career. When you are ready, we will add the finishing touches: suit selection, posing and stage presence, tanning, beauty…everything you will need for your BIG DAY! Imagine it… You will be in the best shape of your life as a healthy, fit and sexy competitor. Not only will this be a milestone moment for you, but you will become an inspiration for many other fit women! All you have to do is make the choice. Many would-be champion bikini competitors waste time trying to get ready for a show on their own or with a coach who isn’t a good fit. They risk being embarrassed on stage by not being prepared or worse, suffering rebound and endangering their health with unnatural, dangerous competition prep. Will you continue to try to figure it out on your own? Or, are you ready to have the stage-worthy body you have always dreamed of? Join Today!

You showed me that I can enjoy a competitive, active lifestyle without starving or refraining from particular food groups.  You gave me confidence. Thank you!

Gina S.

WBFF Fitness Model Competitor, Fitness Model & Marine, U.S.M.C.

3 Steps to Go From Gym-Fit to Stage-Ready:



We will help you choose the best competition, federation, and division for your individual goals.



Your unique and easy to follow competitor training and meal plan will be immediately uploaded to your TeriFit app.



You will be confident and stage-ready with all the extras: ideal suit, professional posing, beauty & styling.

Finally, everything came together at this show. I’m so proud that I stuck this one out, and that I didn’t quit. I have an amazing coach! She genuinely cares about her athletes and puts them first. 

Kristen J.

Dispatcher, Trainer, Fit mom of 3


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What’s My Investment?

You could be wasting more than time and money…

Choosing the wrong competition for your body type can mean an embarrassing stage experience. What’s worse, being poorly prepared for a competition may lead to the dreaded “post-competition rebound”. And, without a health-first approach, healthy eating can easily turn into disordered eating. Competing in fitness should feel rewarding…it shouldn’t lead to feelings of defeat and self-doubt.

TRAIN LIKE A DIVA is a community of fitness women who are committed to training to our next level.

We are figure and bikini competitors who choose to train for a fit and feminine look while keeping health as our top priority.

Do the Work. Wear the Crown. TRAIN LIKE A DIVA.™ 


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